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Partners Are Key

Two companies, From the Block to the Boardroom and Open for Business Ventures, have come together to promote the power of education and entrepreneurship to returning citizens, and we need help. 


There are many existing agencies who are actively assisting returning citizens with services such as health awareness and job training, but the returning citizens these agencies serve would benefit from an entrepreneurial component as well.


Few agencies have the resources or training to deliver an impactful entrepreneurship program, so we have created a partners program that gives you the ability to provide this to those you serve.


Since Reentry Ventures is online and delivered though workshops, we can easily partner with your agency to bring entrepreneurship education to your clients. Agencies can elect to have Reentry Ventures deliver the entrepreneurship course direct to returning citizens, or have their staff trained to deliver the program in-house!


Our strategy consists of a two-

phase entrepreneurship program

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Phase 1

Introduce returning citizens to the basics of entrepreneurship through our beginners course.

Reentry Ventures Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

Phase 2

Foster an entrepreneurial ecosystem by working with your organization, providing mentor training, advanced curriculum and online support resources for returning citizens.