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We deliver entrepreneurship education through a combination of online courses and real-time workshops with specially developed curriculum that meets a variety of educational preferences including textual, audio and video instruction. Through our interactive courses, vibrant community of entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial ecosystem, reentry citizens have access to all the educational, social, and professional resources they need to create products and services with value, giving their talents a voice! Learn more below.


Be sure to check out From the Block to the Boardroom here → 

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Online Courses

Entrepreneurship education prepares people from all walks of life to become entrepreneurs by immersing them in real life learning experiences where they can take risks, manage the results, and learn from outcomes. Students can listen to audiobooks, download e-books (or read them in our player) and watch engaging video lessons at their own pace online, bringing entrepreneurship to life! Also included is the E-book, "From the Block to the Boardroom" by Tracey D. Syphax!

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Online Community

Students work with, learn from & even teach others in our free community. The entrepreneurial spirit & positive mindset is contagious! Students can stay connected with other entrepreneurs, fill out profiles showcasing achievements and reap the benefits of belonging in a professional community. Our community tools also help students stay up to date on new technology, trends and research through our daily news and useful links, plus students can win awards for their community contributions!

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Online Ecosystem

An Entrepreneurial Ecosystem refers to the environment in which entrepreneurship tends to thrive. Entrepreneurs are most successful when they have access to all the human, financial and professional resources they need, as well as operate in an environment in which government policies encourage and safeguard them. Our entrepreneurial ecosystem will be tailored around our distinct online educational and social environment, fostering confidence and supporting the unique needs of today's entrepreneurs.